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Who's this BLOG about? What a good question.

After many years in the Royal Air Force and a posting to RAF Coltishall Wally also created the Solarscope mobile disco's with gigs as far as Manchester. He was resident DJ at Scamps Nightclub in Norwich during the 70's and had a show on Hospital Radio Norwich.
Wally joined BBC Radio Norfolk when it began broadcasting on September 11th 1980 and has been there ever since.
He's Patron of the East Coast Truckers Childrens Charity and President of the Potter Heigham Country Fayre Fundraisers.
He rides a 1966 Lambretta 125 Special and spends a lot of time cruising on the Norfolk Broads.
He's an Ambassador for the Wherry Albion of the Norfolk Wherry Trust, a Friend of Hardley Windpump and a volunteer litter picker for his home community and a videographer for the East Anglian Air Ambulance.
Apart from serving in the Royal Air Force he's also a founder member of the East Norfolk Militia from which he's now retired and served four years as a Governor of Thorpe St.Andrew High School.
This Blog will keep you up to date on all these activities or you can go to his sister Blog to concentrate on the Norfolk Broads. All views and opinions that may be expressed are those of the author and not of the BBC.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

River trip - Neatishead Staithe to Barton Broad

For anyone not familiar with the Norfolk Broads, this will give you an idea of the tranquility.This footage was taken after we left Neatishead Staithe and travelled towards Barton Broad. Our next destination was Sutton Staithe. Look carefully on the lft hand bank and you'll see a kingfisher dart past!
For more of the same visit my sister Blog

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Polo Neck Early Show !

For some time now there's been a running gag on the Early Regional Show about the fact that I wear roll neck or polo shirts as some people call them. Derided by Josephine from Monterey she's admitted defeat and bought some for husband Mad Mick. Hurrah for the boys and common sense. When the weather gets as cold as today you've gotta keep your neck warm!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Almost Spring - Why Not Buy A Boat?

Ever felt the need to break away from the traditional garden setting and let the world pass you by? Boating is the perfect way to escape AND relax. Unlike a caravan, with a boat even the journey becomes part of the adventure and with so many free 24 hour moorings around the Norfolk Broads it needn't cost you a fortune. Simply take the food and drink that you would have consumed at home with you adding further to your savings. Hence, a holiday afloat can be just the ticket for your relaxation and your pocket. There are some costs to bear in mind though. The annual boat toll to the Broads Authority. You're also advised to take out insurance and you'll need somewhere to keep your pride and joy moored. However, when you consider that you've a ready made bolt hole whenever you want it, the overall costs can work out very reasonable over a year. Yes, even cruising in winter can be enjoyable. THINK ABOUT IT! If you're seriously considering this lifestyle option, why not watch the video and get in touch with our dedicated team who'll do everything they can to find the boat of your dreams. Just watch and enjoy!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

East Coast Truckers Childrens Convoy 2011

Wally has been Patron of the East Coast Truckers Childrens Charity since it became official many years ago although his involvement stretches back to the beginning over 25 years ago. It always takes place of the August Bank holiday Sunday starting at 10am travelling to Pleasurewood Hills near Lowestoft for a fun day and then to Great Yarmouth seafront at 6p before returning to Norwich via the A47. People take their holidays to be there to wave them though. Layby's and bridges all packed with people to the delight of the children.
Here's just a small selection of pics at the start of the convoy from County Hall. As you can see, last minute polishing of the trucks, a driver briefing and excited children before the off. The Police bikes were there as usual  The Lord Mayor and Sheriff, numerous other dignitaries including the local MP's come to wave them off. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Radio Car

As I've now had a number of curious enquiries (particularly from our on-line overseas listeners) about the Radio Car that I do live reports with into Breakfast With Bumfrey following my own Show in the mornings, here's a peek at what it's like.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The E Mob Get Together at Wroxham

The EMOB is a group of individuals from around the world who communicate with each other as a result of listening to the Early Show. Dubbed as such by Alan Hodgetts when he was standing in for me it's continued to the present day so you'll hear them referred to if you listen regularly.
In 2010 the first ever gathering of EMOB members took place in Wroxham Norfolk. No mean achievement for Don & Caroline from Perth (the pretty city) W. Australia.
The second took place two years later in 2012. Regular listeners have also contacted the EMOB to join their numbers. I guess membership is open to all but you should enquire if you're interested.

Monday, July 2, 2012

A trip round the local brewery ended with a large sample of the product!

In Calais the town was saved by the five bergers of the town surrendering to Henry III.

The centre of Calais - an additional bonus visit. Look at the peacock made from flowers on the roundabout.

Beautiful architecture to be seen on the canal trip.

The girls with their noses against the nougat store window.

Our guide and captain takes us the the lock gates and mill house.

More of the lovely buildings in this ancient town.
A dog with the right sense of where to be!

An exceptional day out to visit Bruge was the plan but it turned out to be much more than that. Rising at 3am in order to collect the girls and get them to the pick-up point meant that by the time we were on the way to the Chunnel we'd already had a doze. Trouble began at the terminal when I spilt coffee down my sport sirt. A leaky tub was to blame (not me!) but it meant that I'd be looking for a replacement once we reached Bruge. Through the tunnel no problem and making good time we arrived in Blegium around eleven am. with a good four-five hours for sightseeing. First thing was a trip on one of the many river launches which take about 20 people at a time for a half hour cruise along the canals through the town. Although very pretty I did notice as the temperature rose, that the drains became a bit smelly!
A tour of the brewery brought us back down into the massive bar and a free sample of the local strong beer. I say free - it's part of the admission price but at aroudn a fiver worth it. Finding a clothing shop was something else. Most places catering for the tourist trade only sell Bruge type T-shirts but I did find a nice branded sport shirt in one shop, trid it on and bought it for the reasonable price of just 5 Euro's. That's when we realised it was the Sue Ryder charity shop but hey, let's support good causes. I'd dispensed with the coffee stain.
We were told that the coach would be leaving at a quarter to four and right on time we'd boarded and were just pulling away when someone at the back shouted that one person was missing! It turned out to be a guy who hadn't said much and removed all his baggage when we arrived. Someone remembered that he'd asked the way to the railway station. We couldn't take any chances and waited - and waited for nearly TWO HOURS! No sign of him despite the sriver almost running around the town in search of him. In the end he reported him missing to the police and we left for the Eurotunnel. On arriving there we'd obviously missed our scheduled train. It was 7.30 by now and the next one we could board was 9.15pm. Our drivers decided that a short visit to Calais would be a welcome diversion and it was. A chippy and a pub suited most but look at the wonderful town hall. We see the tower in the distance on these trips but never realised just how beautiful it is.
Eventually we board the train but there's a technical problem and we finally get into the tunnel at 9.30 and out the other side just after 10pm. I'm beginning to think that I'll have to go straight into work when we get back so try to get some spasmodic bursts of sleep which help. The coach dropped us off at 0130 and after the drive home and dropping off the other girls, Sheri and I finaly open the door at 2am!  Time for a quick wash and brush up and a cup of coffee before I snatch up my case and head off to work. After todays shift I'm ready for some kip when I get home some 36 hours after first waking!! Still - it makes life interesting and in terms of value - one helluva day trip!